Nissan 350Z Wisefab rear kit installation guide.

Nissan 350Z Wisefab rear kit installation guide.
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Nissan 350Z Wisefab rear kit installation guide.
  1. Unboxing
  2. Upper control arm
  3. The Upright
  4. Recommended alignment specs

By having only the front angle kit you have half of the possible experience you could have. Wisefab engineers have designed the rear Nissan 350Z suspension kit to unleash the full potential of the 350Z. The adjustable camber, bump steer and anti squat give you the maximum forward bite. Wisefab urges you to have fun with this product and if you have any issues be sure to e-mail us at Help us make this experience better for you.


What is in the box when you receive it? First of you should make sure that the blue Wisefab tape has not been tampered with. This is there to ensure that all contents are in the box and nothing is missing. If the tape has been tampered with make sure that everything is still in the box. Below is a list of what must be included.

  1. One pair of knuckles, left and right with hardware
  2. One pair of upper control arms, left and right with the special bracket for the anti-squat adjustment
  3. One pair of #2 arms
  4. One pair of #4 arms
  5. One pair of #5 arms
  6. A paper installation guide sheet

Wisefab rear suspension kit for Nissan 350Z

All Wisefab control arms and links are set to a specific length to ensure maximum performance out of the box. We have included the recommended lengths for each arm in this post in case you have already altered these. This angle kit is ready out of the box. Remove the old suspension parts and install the Wisefab rear suspension kit to your car; we recommend using new bolts, nuts and wheel bearings. Set the correct alignment and you are off to drifting.

Upper control arm

These upper control arms are not symmetrical like in the front, but we have designed the adjustable motion ration anti-roll bar mount to these arms. This means that you can easily change the stiffness of the wheel rate. Wheel rate is basically the spring rate but measured at the wheel instead of where the spring attaches to the linkage. By adjusting the pick-up point closer to the car center line, the wheel rate will be softer. By adjusting it to the opposite direction, the wheel rate will be stiffer.

Nissan 350 rear upper arm ARB mount

Adjusting the anti-squat on this suspension setup is quite easy. This special bracket that moves the OEM pick-up point has two positions: top and bottom position. The bottom position will enable less anti-squat which is useful in low grip and wet conditions. In that position the thin spacer between the rod end and bracket must go towards the rear of the car. In the top position this thin spacer must go towards the front of the car.

Nissan 350z rear bracket

When installing the upper control arm to the rear upright, these two spacers must always be underneath the upper control arm.

350Z rear upright spacers

The Upright

Wisefab Nissan 350Z rear uprights come with dual caliper mounts for independent hydraulic handbraking. We have designed a camber adjustment feature into this upright -- but more about that later. For bump steer correction, the mounting holes are slotted so that you are able to minimize bump steer. If you do not measure bump steer, install the toe link in the middle of the slot.

Adjusting the camber

Wisefab Nissan 350Z rear camber adjustment

Wisefab has designed this camber control slot with teeth and a special washer that can be used in two ways: full step and half step, the latter simply by only rotating the washer 180 degrees. While adjusting the camber, toelink correction is needed to keep the same toe. See the chart below for detailed instructions.



Toelink correction

Toelink sensitivity

Camber change

Caster change

Toelink adjustment per side to keep the same toe


Camber adjustment 1 full step



5 flats*

More negative camber = shorter toelink

11,7 flats = 1º of toe change

1flat = 0,08º of toe change

Camber adjustment ½ step



2,5 flats*

*1 Flat = 1/6 turn. Full turn on the toelink equals 6 flats.

Let’s say you need 3 degrees of negative camber on the rear. This means you’ll need to move the upper control arm pick up point outwards on the upright by 2,5 steps which equals 3,25 degrees of camber change. Toelink correction is needed. Toelink must be shortened by 12,5 flats which equals two full turns shorter. Knowing this, you can make quick changes by the track during competition or practise days.


With this picture you can always reset to the factory measurements where there is reason to do so.

Wisefab Nissan 350Z rear link lenghts

We recommend the following tightening torques

  1. M6 10-15Nm
  2. M8 27-28Nm
  3. M10 80-90Nm
  4. M12 135-160Nm
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