BMW E90/F22 Rear suspension kit installation guide

BMW E90/F22 Rear suspension kit installation guide
December 2, 2020 743 view(s)
BMW E90/F22 Rear suspension kit installation guide
  1. Unboxing
  2. Installing the toe arm (#4)
  3. Installing the upper forward link (#7)
  4. Installing the brakes
  5. Component fitment
  6. Recommended alignment specs

Wisefab urges you to have fun with this product and if you have any issues be sure to e-mail us at Help us make this experience better for you.


What is in the box when you receive it? First of you should make sure that the blue Wisefab tape is not cut before you. This is there to ensure that all of the box content is still in the box. If the box is open before you then be sure to check the contents of the box. Below is a list of the this suspension kit components.BMW E90/F22 rear suspension kit

  1. One pair of knuckles, left and right with hardware
  2. One pair of upper control arms, left and right with the special bracket for the anti-squat adjustment
  3. One pair of arm #2 
  4. One pair of arm #4 
  5. One pair of arm #5 
  6. A paper installation guide sheet

All Wisefab control arms and links are set to a specific length. With this we can ensure you greatest performance out of the box. And yes we will give you the recommended lengths for each arm in this post in case you have already altered these. This rear grip kit is ready out of the box. Remove old suspension parts and install Wisefab rear suspension kit to your car. We recommend using new bolts, nuts and wheel bearings. We have a very specific extra components list that you will need to acquire before installing this rear suspension kit. Pay extra attention in the component fitment section of this article.

Installing the toe arm (#4)

Wisefab has built in a bump steer correction range. We are all about traction. Use the slotted insert to fine tune bump steer. If bump steer is not measured leave the arm at the middle of the mark on the knuckle.

BMW F2x rear kit has a built in anti-squat adjustment. Moving the arm upwards, gives you less anti-squat. Moving it down, gives you more.
The default setting is in the middle. When would you need less anti-squat? The advantage of less anti-squat will be when accelerating over bumps. Adjusting the upper forward link to the bottom position enables better launches. Also need more power to spin the tires.

Installing the brakes

Wisefab F2x rear knuckle has a compatibility for two brake sizes from E9x. When you are using rotors with the size 336x22mm install the caliper using the spacer plate and inner hole pattern.
M Brake setup uses the outer hole pattern. Install without the spacer.

OE: (34216764655 or 34216855004) 336 X 22mm Big Brake setup. OE: (34212283387 or 34212283803) 350 X 24mm M Brake setup.

Component fitment

Wheel bearing
Rear wheel bearing is from BMW E90. Only the bigger size wheel bearing can will fit. Bearing measures are 45x85x41. (Part number 33416775842)

Wheel hub
Wheel hub is from BMW E90 and should be for the bigger wheel bearing. (Part number 33416760058)

Driveshaft has to be from BMW E90 or E90 M3 or an aftermarket one that fits E90. Be sure to check out our halfshaft listing. We are offering dynamic halfshafts. Wisefab halfshafts rated at 1500hp. Link to the BMW F22 halfshafts at the bottom.

OEM F2x brakes do not fit. Brake calipers and discs can are from E90

Recommended alignment specs

Toe: 3-10mm toe in/per side
Rear track: 30 mm narrower per side then OEM Strut lenght (A) max: 520 mm

min: 405 mm
Wheel backspace (B) max 19": 185 mm

18": 185 mm

17": 185 mm Some 17" wheels will not fit


Be sure to check the clearance in all extent of the suspension travel when istalling Wisefab suspension kits. Remove the coil springs for that . If there is clearance issues then change your wheel alignment or limit the suspension travel.

Don't forget to check out our Dynamic halfshafts which are rated @1500hp

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