How to relocate your Nissan 370Z or Infiniti G37 steering rack with a Wisefab kit

How to relocate your Nissan 370Z or Infiniti G37 steering rack with a Wisefab kit
November 23, 2021 738 view(s)
How to relocate your Nissan 370Z or Infiniti G37 steering rack with a Wisefab kit


This manual describes the process of modifing the Nissan 370Z (2008-2020) front subframe. With this modification steering rack is moved forward. This setup can only be used with Wisefab 370Z Angle kit. Stock engine mounts can be used with this subframe upgrade. Engine will be 3mm higher. Solenoid delete kit included. All the stock bolts and nuts are needed.” Subframe modifications are same for the RHD and LHD steering rack. We have used a left hand steering rack for this installation guide.


Here is some tools you will need:
*Safety equipment (Googles, gloves)

*Marker, masking tape, scissors


*Angle grinder for cutting and sanding

*Ratchet strap


We have included templates to mark the cutting lines. When printing the manual make sure you check the scale of these templates. We have included a scale check line of 127mm or 5”. Those solid lines show where to mark the cutting line on the subframe. 

There is a downloadable PDF on the product page: Nissan 370z Front Rack Relocation kit


Step 1


Clean the subframe from dirt/oil(1).

1.Clean Nissan 370Z front subframe


Step 2

Cut out the designed templates for marking the cutting lines. First mark templates 1-4 lines(2). Use masking tape to extend the lines on all the sides(3). Now place templates 5-6 approx 53mm from the bump shown on picture below(4). Mark the cutting lines.




Step 3 


Double check the lines. Are the marked line endings at the same line(5).


Cut out the middle section(6). 


Mark a 10mm area as shown on the picture below and cut this section(7). Repeat on the other side. Chamfer all sharp edges(8).



Step 4

Use templates 7-8 and position as shown in the picture below(9). Template edges must fit with the subframe edges. You can use double sided tape for placement. Mark the cutting lines and cut off the marked ares(10).



Step 5


Install the rack relocation insert(11). Check if it is possible the insert the bolts. Use ratchet strap to align the holes. Make sure everything fits well and there is no interference between the subframe and the insert. Grind the subframe if needed. Insert all the bolts, do not tighten yet(12). Bolts must be tighten when subframe is installed on the car.



Well done! You have successfully installed Wisefab 370Z rack relocation insert. We have included solid mounts and solenoid delete kit which helps you fine tune power steering assist.



Cut off top part of the bushing and push out the rubber bushing. Insert the new solid bushings(13).


Solenoid delete


By default the delete bolt is set to maximum assist(lightest steering). If you like less assist you can drill this hole(see picture below). You can fine tune by starting with a small drill bit. We have these sold as spare parts and you can have different setups. How to install this delete kit? First you need to remove the solenoid valve. Righty tighty lefty loosey. Stock o-rings can be used, but we recommend using new ones(14).


Install the rack extenders(15) and you can insert steering rack to the modified subframe and check if there is no interference. If there is, us a grinder to modify the subframe. You may need to increase the openings for the tie rod rubber boots. Tighten all the bolts. If steering rack mounting bolts are too long you can replace those with new ones or cut them shorter.


Final result

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