We are Wisefab.
Our goal is to engineer and build the best suspensions for racecars.

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Since 2008 drifters with Wisefab parts have won almost every championship that exists.

Engineered to win

All our products are designed with racing in mind.

Toyota GT86
Lock Kit

Wild steering lock on our front kits. Maximum sideways and forward bite on our rear kits.

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Ackermann adjustment
Extreme steering angle
Good camber control
Improved car control
Minimal bump steer
Improved grip


Nissan GT-R
Track Kit


Designed purely for racing with added lightness and wide adjustment range.

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Better kinematics for lowered cars
Improved handling and grip
Minimal bump steer
Faster steering ratio
Higher roll center
Fully adjustable


BMW E36 Rally
Rear Kit


Rugged design to take the abuse of rally driving.

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Improved handling and grip
Better kinematics
Fully adjustable
Easy to adjust
Longer travel


Every mistake you make, every part you break...

Spare parts available for all our kits even down to the smallest spacers, bolts and nuts.