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Since 2008 drifters with Wisefab parts have won almost every championship that exists.

Championship winning suspension setups

All Wisefab products are designed with racing in mind.

Toyota GT86
Lock Kit

Wild drift angle on our front kits.
Maximum sideways and forward bite on our rear kits.

Drift products

Championship winning suspension parts. Wisefab has produced angle kits over 10 years. Giving drift car drivers advantages over their opponents by providing them with factory team level suspension solutions for a reasonable price. Wisefab has all the main chassis covered such as: Nissan S13/S14/S15, Nissan 350/370Z, BMW E46/E92/E82, Toyota Supra/GT86. Providing lock all over the globe. Check out our webshop.


Nissan GT-R
Track Kit


Designed purely for racing with added lightness and wide adjustment range.

Track products

High performance suspension parts for your Time Attack, Hillclimbing or Autocross car. Better kinematics for lowered cars, improved handling and grip with minimal bump steer. Faster steering ratio and higher roll center. Wisefab suspension kits are fully adjustable. We provide worldwide shipping. Go and check out our webshop


BMW E36 Rally
Rear Kit


Rugged design to take the abuse of rally driving.

Rally products

Strong and reliable rally suspension parts by Wisefab. Long stroke suspension travel with better kinematics which improved handling and grip. Wisefab suspension kits are fully adjustable and easy to adjust.


Every mistake you make, every part you break...

Spare parts available for all our kits even down to the smallest spacers, bolts and nuts.


Testimonials from over 10 years of success

Testimonials from the people whose opinions matter

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Nissan 240sx Lock kit

"We started working together with Wisefab back in 2014 when we launched our Falken Tyres S14 for European competition. Since then, we have enjoyed working closely with the engineers at Wisefab testing new products before going into production and have had a lot of success winning multiple championship worldwide. Thank you to everyone at Wisefab for believing in us and producing such top-quality products."

Nissan 240sx Drift

"I love the wisefab suspension kits used on my competition and demo vehicles, they provide all the angle and grip we love along with the strength and durability we need to compete with the best.--"

Nissan 240sx Drift Suspension

“When I first installed a Wisefab lock kit it truly opened the door for some more aggressive driving style. I quickly began to expect nothing less than the massive angle and performance that Wisefab provides and installed a lock kit on all (4) of my Nissan 240sx that I currently drift. Also, after testing what I though was a very competitive rear suspension solution against the latest Wisefab rear kit, I was blown away with the apparent grip gain the rear Wisefab kit yielded. I am so thankful that Wisefab has poured so much effort into creating a bolt on suspension solution that transforms a Nissan 240sx into what I believe is still the most competitive drift chassis in the world."

Toyota GT86 Lock kit

"I wouldn't have half the results! Only by running Wisefab in my Toyota 86 it just makes the car handle so good and let's me adjust set up pretty easy which is a massive help going from track to track!"

"The change of the entire suspension geometry can now be adjusted precisely at the track. When driving the car the feeling is so honest and direct. As a driver, you understand even better how the car is behaving. "

"The car feels much more direct and the lowered center of gravity gives higher cornering speeds. The weight savings and the optimized geometry is important for breaking track records."

"The feedback is improved and the driving behavior is much more precise. The confidence in the car has improves greatly. These parts are meant for racing. Wisefab is racing!"

"The first thing that I noticed after the installation of our Wisefab package was how much sharper the car became. It was so much better right out of the box we immediately dropped lap times just by bolting on the kit using our existing setup."

"With Wisefab you have real racing service, attitude and parts that give real results. It has a lot more grip, giving the wheels more time to push you forward."