Nissan 350Z Wisefab Angle kit installation guide.

Nissan 350Z Wisefab Angle kit installation guide.
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Nissan 350Z Wisefab Angle kit installation guide.
  1. Unboxing
  2. Upper control arm
  3. Lower control arm
  4. Tierods
  5. Recommended alignment specs

We are proud to present you this Wisefab Nissan 350Z front angle kit. Over the years we have upgraded this product. We have made it simpler and stronger. The knuckle has had a re-desing from double shear to singel shear upper pick up point. We have developed a special mount for that and tested it thoroughly. This enables more suspension travel and we have increased the space between the lower pick up point as well for this. Lower control arm has been re-designed as well making it stronger than the previous arm. Have fun with this product and if you have any issues be sure to e-mail us at Help us make this experience better for you.


What is in the box when you recive it? First of you should make sure that the blue Wisefab tape has not been tampered. This is there to insure that all the box content is in the box and nothing is missing. If the tape has been tampered with make sure that everything is still in the box. Below is a list what must be in the box.


  1. One pair of knuckles, left and right with Ackermann washers and hardware
  2. One pair of lower control arms, left and right with the special bushing for the rear mounting point.
  3. One pair of upper control arms
  4. One pair of tie rods with rack offset spacers where one is for the left side and other for the right side.
  5. A paper installation guide sheet

Wisefab Nissan 350Z Angle Kit

All of Wisefab control arms and links are set to a specific lenght to ensure maximum performance out of the box. We have not set the lenght for the tierods due the Ackermann setup. Be sure to check out our article: "Everything you need to know about Ackermann in drifting". Featured below in the related post section. A better understanding about Ackermann gives you an advantage over you competition. Where were we? Ouh and there are two different lenghts for the Nissan 350Z steering rack which means that the tie rod provided must be cut to a certain lenght depending on the steering rack of your car. More info about that later. This angle kit is ready out of the box. Remove the old suspension parts and install Wisefab angel kit to your car, we recommend using new bolts, nuts and wheel bearings. Set the correct alignment and you are off to drifting.

Upper control arm.

For the Nissan 350Z we were able to design a symmetrical arm. This means that one arm is suitable for the left side of the car and also to the right side.

Nissan 350Z Front upper control arm

With this picture you can always reset the factory measurements if there might be reason for this.

Lower control arm

This arm is a on piece design. Our engineers designed a bend on that control arm for better clearence for the tie rod. This bend must be in the downward direction and use the special bushing when installing this arm.

Nissan 350Z Front lower control arm

With this picture you can always reset the factory measurements if there might be reason for this.


Coilover mounting point is adjustable. You can adjust the motion ration (ride/roll stiffness) by changing the position of this mounting point on the lower control arm. Moving this outwards towards the wheel the ride or roll will be stiffer. Moving it inwards ride or roll will be softer.

Wisefab Lower control arm shock mount

Tie rods

As there are two different steering rack available for the Nissan 350Z you’ll need to measure the steering rack. If your car steering rack is 705mm(27.75“) you must cut the overall lenght of the tie rods to 323mm(12,7“) or if your 350Z steering rack is 670mm(26,7“) then you must cut the tie rod to 340mm(13,38“).

Wisefab Nissan 350Z teirods

With the tie rods there are two offset spacers. There is a little bump on the offset spacers this bump must face forwards of the car and little bit uppwards. Make sure you clean the steering rack before installing the offset spacers. Apply some thread lock on the thread of the bolt and on the offset spacer for maximum rigidy.

Wisefab Nissan 350Z rackoffset


Installing the knuckles are pretty straight forward. Please make sure that the wheel bearing is in full contact with the knuckle and bolts are tightened correctly.

We reccomend the following tightening torques

  1. M6 10-15Nm
  2. M8 27-28Nm
  3. M10 80-90Nm
  4. M12 135-160Nm

Camber: -3,7 +/-0,3
Caster: 6,3 +/-0,3
Toe: 0....-1/per side


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