Swift Spring 1pc 9 kg

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More stroke, increased traction and handling, Less Un-sprung weight. The only thing you will be losing is lap time. Swift's innovative designs have made us a staple in the performance tuning world. Swift products are the result of over 90 years of experience in industrial spring manufacturing. Swift engineers have spent countless hours developing and re-developing their springs, in order to create a product that is light, durable, and compliant, while still maintaining linear spring rates. Since the metric system is used widely in the sport compact and road race market, Swift has introduced the metric line of coilover springs to reduce confusion and to better cater to customer needs. Swift metric coilover springs come in various sizes with inner diameters ranging from 60mm (2.25in) to 70mm (2.75in), spring lengths from 127mm (5in) to 280mm (11in), and spring rates from 3kg (168lbs) all the way up to 34kg (1900lbs). Whether you are looking for a comfortable ride for your commuter or a more aggressive setup for your race car, we have the right spring for your application!

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